When Is Tendon Treatment Necessary?

To firstly clarify a common area of confusion, the difference between tendons and ligaments is that ligaments attach bone to bone, tendons attach muscle to bone and it is this link with muscle which makes the tendon vulnerable to injury.

Two of the most common tendon complaints are irritation caused by overuse or by issues with biomechanics (e.g. tendonitis and tendonopathy) and torn or ruptured tendons.

The tendons most affected by problems are the patella tendon (front of knee), Achilles tendon (heel), abductor tendon (groin), elbow tendons (tennis or golfer’s elbow), shoulder tendons and the tendons at either side of the ankle. But tendons at any point in the body can also be prone to damage.

If you damage a tendon, it is important to have appropriate treatment as soon as possible as the longer it remains irritated, the more difficult it is to rectify the problem.

From analysis to treatment and rehabilitation, we provide a complete range of services to address the cause of your tendon conditions with treatment plans tailored specifically to your condition to get you back to normal activity.

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