What are we doing?

Q: What are we actually doing when we treat a client with a musculoskeletal condition?

A: Providing a treatment window for the body to do its thing. That’s it.

When a client comes to us for help with an injury (acute or chronic) it is usually because they are either; concerned about something, it is interfering with some aspect of their life, or both It is our role to identify their concerns, their goals and what is going on.

The next step is to collaborate with the client/patient and come up with a plan that will (hopefully) help them reach their goals. This is where the treatment window comes in… The treatment window is what we help create during consultations to allow the client/patient to move themselves closer to their goals. All therapies have a role in health care. All therapists have a responsibility to continue to expand their knowledge base & evolve their treatment practices. It is our job to provide treatment that is ethical, patient-centred and (as best we can) in line with the evolving research/literature. Never stop learning.

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