06 Apr 2017 / Podiatry

Three Reasons Custom Orthotics Work

I find that I continue to frequently recommend custom moulded orthotics, and there’s a reason. Many common foot complaints can be successfully treated with orthotics, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, neuromas, and flat feet. However, a general orthotic that you buy at the store where one prescription fits all (just different shoe size) is quite a bit different from one that is prescribed by a podiatrist/biomechanist.
If you are experiencing chronic, unresolved foot pain, custom orthotics might be right for you. Here’s why.

1. They are made for your foot, not anyone else’s

The over the counter shoe inserts (Dr. Scholl’s for example) only provide some additional cushioning and can’t compare to a prescription orthotic in arch and foot support. By the time a patient makes an appointment to see a foot doctor they have often tried one or more different store-bought orthotics without much success or relief. The process I like to use to make a custom pair of orthotics involves making a plaster mould of your feet in a biomechanically corrected/ideal position. This allows me to get an exact replica of your foot, which can be used to create an insert that is not only comfortable, but also highly supportive of any painful joints and tendons, and again, made specifically for you.

2. Technology has improved

Gone are the days of clunky, heavy inserts. I was fitted for my first pair of orthotics almost 25 years ago to treat chronic arch pain. Those inserts were not pretty, they only fit in a few shoes and must have weighed five pounds each! But, they worked great in relieving my pain and I have used orthotics ever since. The good news is, over the past 20 years or so, the technology and materials used for orthotics has greatly improved, so today’s orthotics are much lighter and thinner and can be used in a variety of athletic and dress shoes. This way, whether you are running a marathon, walking around the office, or attending a social event, your feet can have the support and comfort they need without having to be in tennis shoes all the time.

3. More comfort, less pain

Because that’s the whole point, right?
Most chronic foot pain is the result of daily wear and tear on the structures in your foot. Better, biomechanically corrected support results in less day-to-day damage and inflammation, and most importantly, less pain. So whatever your particular foot aches and pains are, there is likely a custom orthotic option for you. I would encourage you to make an appointment with our clinic to discuss what those options are. Even if you have had other inserts in the past that have not helped, I would recommend not giving up on orthotics just yet.
So come on in and discuss your options, your feet will thank you for it.

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