Medico Legal Injuries

Premier Clinic is not a network provider. All our specialist therapists are directly employed, trained and managed by us, guaranteeing a consistent service delivery. We provide highly effective treatment and rehabilitation plans, alongside efficient and accurate reporting in a rehabilitation package that can be tailored to fit individual needs.


  • Appointments offered within 48 hours of referral, with an appointment offered within 5 days
  • Initial Assessment reporting within 48 hours of appointment
  • Interim reports as required with a discharge report within 5 days of treatment completion
  • One point of contact for entire rehabilitation process
  • Guarantee of consistent service delivery & reporting.
  • Flexibility to tailor the referral process / service / reporting to the Instructing Party’s needs and ability to modify processes as and when required
  • Reporting tailored according to the information you want you receive
  • Pro-active rehabilitation process with detailed recommendation of further investigation pathways, immediate reporting of non-attendance / non-compliance


  • Advocates of the Rehabilitation Code
  • Service is delivered direct – all therapists directly employed, trained and managed by Premier Clinic
  • Increased client satisfaction – improved efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation process
  • Access to accredited CBT therapists / counsellors nationwide


  • Premier Clinic can offer a fixed pricing structure.
  • No ‘middle man’, meaning lower overall costs that can be passed onto you.
  • Not only can you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and service delivery of your clients’ rehabilitation, you can also reduce you rehabilitation costs.
  • To move your rehabilitation provision onto the next level, get in touch with Premier Clinic today.


We recognise that not all instructing parties have the same requirements; as such Premier Clinic will provide a service to meet your individual needs. Assessment forms, reporting forms, management forms and all other correspondence will be tailored to your specific requirements allowing you to make efficient, informed, effective decisions.
Specific referral pathways can also be created to suit your needs.

  • Fully electronic reporting and communication
  • 48 hour reporting
  • One point of contact
  • On-line and interactive treatment aides

If you want the rehabilitation and reporting process to work according to what your needs require, contact Premier Clinic to discuss further.