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Join our many happy customers who have already experienced the amazing results from our popular treatments after using the Harmony XL Pro™ Laser from Alma Lasers.

Infinity Laser Clinics’ Stephen Ritchie is a fully qualified laser practitioner with 10+ years of experience in his field. A member of the British Medical Laser Association, he uses the very latest Harmony XL Pro™ laser technology from Alma Lasers™ to successfully perform laser treatments for all types of skin and body concerns. Stephen has held senior management positions for several leading laser manufacturers and has extensive experience in clinical education and training; fully qualified to train doctors, nurses and clinical therapists alike, in addition to being an integral part of Alma Lasers™ research and development.   Stephen is very well respected in the medical aesthetic arena and continually improves his laser knowledge by attending conferences and training courses. He will guide you through the treatment plan assisted by his wife Mary-Ann who will attend all sessions to offer support and assist with clinical procedures.

AFT/Dye-VL™ is a fourth generation IPL treatment that will rid you of thread veins, rosacea and sun/age spots. Are you fed up of those broken capillaries, or the pigmented marks caused by the sun on your face, neck, hands and décolletage? These treatments can banish them for good and prices start at just £70. Your test patch and treatment can be performed in the same day. Our very satisfied customers speak of improvement in skin tone, having more confidence and being able to minimise the use of concealer and make-up.
The procedure is non-invasive with minimal discomfort during treatment and minimal downtime.


Client Comment: “I’m really delighted with the results from yesterday; over the moon that at last after years of trying, the veins will be removed, I’m so pleased – thank you.  My daughter was impressed too, and she noticed before I even said I had treatment!”

ClearLift 4D™ is safe and effective for immediate plumping of the skin which promotes a more youthful appearance; sometimes referred to as ‘The lunch time face lift’. It is extremely comfortable, non-invasive and is safe for all skin types. This is a ‘no downtime’ treatment which can be used immediately before a special occasion to help your skin look and feel better. For longer lasting results to boost collagen, eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and shrink large pores, treatment courses are recommended. This fantastic treatment can also be used to reduce stretchmarks and diminish thread veins, pigmentation and scars.   Many of our happy customers have said that their skin looks and feels firmer and smoother, in addition to being plumper and fresher; comments have been made that friends and family have ‘noticed something different about them but cannot put their finger on it’. For most people, this is the alternative to surgery and subtly changes your skin in just a few weeks until the desired effect is reached. Prices start at £70.

Tattoo Removal & Reduction
Using the Clearlift 4D™ handpiece, complete removal of tattoos can be achieved in approximately 5 treatments 8-10 weeks between sessions. Some clients choose only to reduce dark tattoos in order to cover them over with another design whilst others want complete obliteration. The former can usually expect to undergo two to three treatments to achieve sufficient fading. We can get rid of cosmetic tattoos including eye liner, lip liner and eyebrows. All tattoo clients are offered anesthetic cream to reduce the discomfort of the treatment. Prices start at £80.


Also Available:

Skin Resurfacing (ablative) / Skin Tightening / Hair Removal & Reduction for ALL skin types / Deeper Veins / Birth Marks / Cherry Angioma / Venus Lake / Fungal Nails / Warts / Verrucae / Skin Tags


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