Healthcare for Businesses

  • The average cost of an employee being absent from work can commonly cost employers between £100 and £350 per day.
  • Traditional vocational rehabilitation models utilise 3 month absence triggers, meaning it can be 3 months before an employee with an Musculoskeletal (MSK )injury receives treatment
  • At a conservative estimate, the 3 month absence will cost the employer somewhere in the region of £6000, or £21,000 if the cost of the absent individual is at the higher end of the scale

At Premier Clinic we utilise day 1 absence triggers into triage identifying a need for self-management or for treatment.
Our extensive experience in private practice means working under high pressure to return injured individuals to function as quickly and effectively as possible is normal for us, and we see no reason why the same approach should not be used to benefit your business.

Our management programmes have been shown to produce significant improvement in patient function when compared to standard approaches.
We expect 75% of people injured to be back to normal function at home and work within 4-6 weeks when managing injuries from the acute phase.


How will this model commencing from day 1 benefit your business?

A simple example: Injury at work, untreated, leads to 8 weeks absence:
Conservatively costing the employer c.£4000
The same injury, recognised early, treated by Physio 6 times leading to 4 weeks absence:
6 treatments = £210, 4 weeks absence = c.£2000, total cost = £2210 – Saving £1790

Utilising the Premier Clinic Early Intervention Model will help to return employees to work as quickly and effectively as possible and, ultimately, save money and increase productivity for your business.
We provide a service to meet your individual needs. Assessment forms, reporting forms, management forms and all other correspondence will be tailored to your specific requirements allowing you to make efficient and effective decisions. Specific referral pathways can also be created to suit your needs