Anti-Gravity Training

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Anti-gravity training is a revolution in sports performance and injury recovery training.

Centred on the AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill, the training programme enables the user to effectively reduce bodyweight in steps of 1% to 20% of normal, allowing a full training session to be carried out without the risk of stress and impact injury associated with a conventional treadmill.


As well as being used by leading sportspersons, anti-gravity training has major implications for therapeutic rehabilitation, delivering more effective (and comfortable) treatment for:

  • Recovery from sports injury or orthopaedic surgery
  • Relief from back pain
  • Weight loss
  • Neurological rehabilitation


Anti-gravity training is also particularly effective in the prevention of sports injury and in supporting therapy programmes for amputees.

With its potential for faster recovery from injury, improvement in gait mechanics and increased leg speed and mileage, anti-gravity training is the ideal system for maintaining, improving and rebuilding fitness in an impact and stress-free environment.

We have anti-gravity training programmes and price plans tailored to specific need, so call us to discuss your own particular requirements.

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