Alter-G Treadmill | Anti-Gravity

What is AlterG?

At Premier Clinic we are proud to be one of the only physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics in Lancashire with an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill supports and enables you to walk, jog or run in a completely safe, controlled and pain free environment.

Technology developed at NASA effectively reduces the gravitational force applied through your body from between 20% and 100%, allowing you to work on the treadmill without bearing your full weight on lower body injuries or areas still recovering from surgery.


How Premier Clinic’s AlterG Treadmill Can Help You

Our expertly trained team use AlterG to maximise efficient recovery times, allowing your body to strengthen without undue stress. It causes less stress to your joints and muscles, meaning you may not need to use crutches for stability/protection during your sessions.

This high-tech equipment can also be used to help you achieve specific training goals, for example, returning to exercise or mobility after a long period of immobility.


 Using AlterG on a low-gravity setting with a long-term condition such as arthritis or obesity can offer opportunities for exercise and rehabilitation that may not be possible in normal circumstances.

AlterG can also be used to aid weight loss, and our trained professionals can include it within a programme of exercise or mobility training, especially for patients who experience pain or difficulty in their movements when exercising.

Our AlterG Rehabilitation and Exercise Service Packages and Programmes

Premier Clinic offers bespoke AlterG programmes based on your individual healthcare needs.

However, we do also offer set AlterG service packages at set costs, enabling you to save money if you require a number of treatments and services within one package.

Take a look at the packages we offer below and see how we can help you. If you’d like to speak to our friendly team about your individual needs to find out which package might suit you best, please call us today on 01254 677341 (Blackburn) or 01706 211419 (Rossendale).

Service Packages
Initial Assessment / Plan £55 30 Minute Session (following assessment) £75 Single 30 Minutes £40 Package 1 - 900 Minutes £900 (saving £300) Package 2 - 720 Minutes £750 (saving £210) Package 3 - 360 Minutes £380 (saving £100) Package 4 - 180 Minutes £200 (saving £40)
Alter-G Weight Loss Programme
Initial Assessment / Plan (+ 30 Minute Session) £75 Single Use 30 Minutes £40 1 Hour £70 600 Minutes £700 (Saving £100) 360 Minutes £400 (Saving £80) 180 Minutes £200 (Saving £40) Rehab/Neuro Programme subject to findings on initial assessment £POA

Frequently Asked Questions

AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill programmes are used to support treatments for a wide range of conditions, particularly involving:


  • Rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries
  • Treatment of neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinsonism, Cerebral Palsy)
  • Weight reduction
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • General training to maintain fitness through those older years.
  • Spinal injuries
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Cardiac/heart rehabilitation

A detailed medical history will be taken along with an examination (where necessary) to assess if you are suitable to use the AlterG.

A treatment plan will be discussed and you will be given a short trial on the machine.

If you have found rehabilitation too painful or strenuous, particularly due to an underlying long-term condition or post-surgery healing, AlterG could help you to recover more efficiently.

It is high-tech equipment designed to help and support a wide range of conditions, so our professional rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists often use the AlterG’s unique beneficial usages.