Hearing loss
18 Aug 2020 / General health

Hearing Clinic

Hearing Clinic

Premier Clinic now offer hearing tests and ear wax removal provided by our qualified/registered audiologists, providing the opportunity to have your hearing tested which results in a comprehensive and detailed report on your hearing.


Our Audiologists are highly experienced in many areas and have experience in working for the NHS, Medico-Legal agencies providing reports for the claimant and Solicitors.

Industrial Hearing/Screening Tests

If you employ staff within a noisy working environment, it is a legal requirement under Regulation 5 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 (MHSW Regs) to have your employees’ hearing checked and to provide them with hearing protection. At Our Hearing we provide workplace hearing tests services across the UK and other services to help you achieve a safer noise environment within your workplace.

Instant Micro-suction Earwax Removal

Completely Safe, Instant, Effective and Comfortable Method of Removing Wax

Micro-suction of earwax is the safest and most comfortable way of earwax removal available. A quick Relief from your ear wax problem.
Symptoms of an earwax build-up

A build-up of earwax in your ear can cause:
• Earache
• Hearing loss
• Tinnitus (hearing sound from inside your ear)
• Itchiness (in or around the ear)
• Ear Infections
• Vertigo (a spinning sensation)

These problems will usually improve once the excess earwax has been removed.

Don’t try to remove a build-up of earwax yourself with your fingers, a cotton bud or any other object. This can damage your ear and push the wax further down.

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a method of removing ear wax/debris using microscopic vision and a gentle suction device. Unlike syringing/irrigation, the clinician can see the ear canal to safely extract the earwax. Microsuction is known to be the safest method for wax removal and in some cases it is the only method that should be used.

It is appropriate for:

• Impacted wax
• Perforated ear drum
• Previous surgery/ unstable for syringing
• Hearing aid user
• Urgent removal due to poor hearing
• Urgent removal due to flying or diving
• Meniere disease
• Vertigo

The use of an ear wax softener is not required and in most cases treatment is completed in one 20 minute session.

Custom Fit Hearing Protection

We offer specialised custom made hearing protection products for use in specific noise-related environments were hearing loss is a potential risk. Custom made products can be tailored to allow some sounds to come through like voices clearly and block out other noise which are a potential risk. Our custom fit products are aimed for protection at work or in more specialised environments.

One of our trained Audiologists will take an impression of your ear, which is a painless and quick process. Each ear protection plug is made from a medical grade silicone substance which is soft and durable, enabling a comfortable fit and guaranteeing a high level of protection.
All ear plugs come manufactured in transparent colouring or can be customized in different colours of your choice and with cords attached. Our ear plugs come in a variety of options each tailored to its specific purpose. From general use to specialised products for Swimmers, Shooters, Motorcyclists, Musicians and DJs and sleeping plugs.

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