28 Jun 2018 / Foot Pain

Have You Lost The Spring in Your Step?

The foot contains 25% of the body’s bones and is an intricate part of the body with a close relationship between many of the bones, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. Which means that a problem in one part of the foot can lead to problems not only elsewhere in the foot, but also in the rest of the lower limb and even into the back; making accurate diagnosis of foot problems essential.


Typical problems arising within the foot are:

  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis (pain in heel and arch with stiffness & discomfort after rest)
  • Metarsalgia (pain under the ball of the foot, especially after walking or running)
  • Flat feet
  • Mid foot and joint pain


Having identified the condition, we not only treat the symptoms, but address and correct the underlying cause of the problem, getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Take the first steps to resolving your foot pain problems by giving us a call; we can tailor a treatment plan to your exact needs.

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