Counselling Services

Our counselling service is available either through referral or by making an appointment direct, we will work closely with third party practitioners such as your GP keeping them informed at all times (with your permission).

You can be assured that all treatments are confidential. Appointments can normally be arranged to suit your needs. To make an appointment simply contact the clinic by phone or e mail, please annotate any e mail with Counselling services in the subject area.

Talking Therapy & EMDR Appointments & Consultations

• Private Referrals – Individuals / Couples / Families inc. Children & Teenagers
• Company / Organisation Referrals
• EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) Referrals
• Para-legal Referrals – Industrial Accident / Injuries, R.T.A.’ etc.

Other Therapies

• Humanistic
• Gestalt
• Person-Centred
• Integrative
• Play Therapy
• Brief, Time Limited and Long Term Therapy


• Trauma, PTSD, Pain Management, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias
• Relationships – breakdown of couple / family relationships, trust issues, affairs, jealousy, lack of effective communication, step parent, sibling rivalry
• Bullying – at school, home or workplace
• Anger Management
• Truancy
• Bereavement
• Addictions, Drug, Alcohol, Gambling etc.
• Self-Harm & Suicidal ideations

• Gender Issues
• Depression / Anxiety / Stress
• Lack of confidence / Low Self-Esteem
• Mental Health – Personality Disorders / Narcissistic Disorders, Bi-Polar etc.
• Physical / Learning Difficulties
• Eating Disorders
• Work-Related Stress
• Tourette’s Syndrome
• Chronic Fatigue (ME)

Creative Therapy
• Using buttons, shells, objects of reference – Using a combination of therapies to identify feelings and explore situations