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CBD (Cannabis Oil) Dosing

Everyone reacts to CBD products in different ways. When taken correctly CBD has wonderful effects, as we know, yet people are often confused on how to start and what to start with when they are taking CBD. The dosing of medical cannabis products appears to be difficult for a lot of manufacturers – but not for us! So we wanted to look at how to effectively start off taking CBD.

Every person reacts to medications in different ways and the same applies to CBD. There are lots of variables that come into play, such as your metabolism, the delivery method, dose, cannabinoid ratio and product formulation. Taking medical cannabis is highly individualised.

Start low and slow

The general advice given to anyone who is starting out dosing medical cannabis is to start low and slowly increase over time till you find a dose that suits you. Unfortunately, it’s all trial and error. Despite what some of the media out there says, you may not immediately feel the benefits of CBD until you find the dosage that is right for you: this can take a number of days for your body to adjust to the effects of CBD.

Where to start: don’t get confused!

It can be overwhelming starting out with medical cannabis as there is a HUGE amount of products on the market. We recommend starting simple with CBD oil this will allow you to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
Start with a low dose, especially if you are new to taking CBD, wait at least an hour for the effects to work. If you do not feel the desired effect, you can take another small dose. The dose and the way you take the CBD will help you to determine what dose is right for you. If you are not feeling any benefits after a few days of trying you may need to adjust the dose or method of use.

Once you work out the dose that is right for you and has a positive impact on your symptoms, use the dose for a few days to see how you feel and to make sure it is consistent. After a few days adjust the dose either up or down in small increments. It may often be helpful to keep a log of products, dosing, and timings so that it is easier to achieve your desired results for your symptoms. As we know from lots of research, CBD may be a positive alternative to other medications to help ailments and conditions. It will take some time for the medical cannabis to work within your body, so be patient and don’t give up if you don’t see any effects within the first day of taking it.

What’s in your CBD product?

Please note – all CBD Wellness products have a list of all constituents – look to see what your CBD Wellness product contains. Please note: not all manufacturers adhere to these very strict rules – please beware!

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